How to Jazz up your Cutwater Cocktails

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How to Jazz up your Cutwater Cocktails

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Cocktails all the way! At Cutwater we want you to be merry in style this Christmas, so we're providing our cocktail connoisseur's guide for our ‘famous five’. 

Whether it’s the glass, garnish or ice you’re stuck with, follow these simple instructions for a bar-quality cocktail-icious Christmas. 


A firm fan favourite, this sweet and sour refreshing delight can be enjoyed in more ways than one!

 Glass/Ice: Rocks glass with 3-4 ice cubes / Margarita glass           Garnish: Lime 

Strawberry Margarita

If you love an original marg, you'll love this fruity alternative!

  Glass/Ice: Rocks glass with 3-4 ice cubes / Martini glass with no ice    Garnish: Lime & Strawberry


 Minty, refreshing, who doesn’t love a Mojito?

Glass/Ice: -Highball glass with crushed ice                                                          Garnish: Mint sprigs (by the straw so you smell when you take a sip) and lime for the garnish (squeeze in for that added zest!)

Vodka Mule:

Another refreshing all-rounder, smooth, layered with that enticing ginger beer kick every so often.                                                                                                 

Glass/ Ice:  Stainless steel mug                                                                              Garnish:  Lime wedge/ cucumber/ mint sprig (ginger if you’re feeling extra adventurous)  

Whisky Mule

A tasty alternative to the Vodka Mule, potent, impressive and one for the whisky lovers!

   Glass/ Ice: Stainless steel mug & cubed ice                                           Garnish:  Fresh mint sprig and blackberries for that added festive feel!